Tali Your Time

By Maximillian (Max) H. Matthies posted 05-01-2018 13:17


In January we filmed a studio seminar on virtual assistants and how they are already changing the way lawyers do business. With this in mind, I attended the annual ABA Tech show in Chicago, actively looking at what is out there for voice assistants. I really admire how some lawyers are thinking out of the box and developing technology designed to make practitioners more productive, more accurate, and, ultimately, more successful.

There are thousands of third-party “skills” developed for the Echo (and more on the way, likely following an Apple App store model.) Some skills I have activated are handy and fun (Daily Tech Headlines, The Daily Stoic, Guided Meditation of the Day, podcasts, and weather), but I hadn’t found too many that would increase my productivity.

Enter Tali (pronounced “tally”). This is a new skill that works with Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant to allow users to track their time by voice command. Tali can sync with existing billing software, and users can review their time entries on a web interface.

Tali’s demonstration with an Amazon Echo was pretty slick, and if I still needed to track my time, I would have purchased it on the spot. I would simply tell Alexa (or Google) to tell Tali to start tracking my time for the Jones v Smith matter. And done.

Tali is also moving to integrate with practice management platforms, and it is already working with Rocket Matter, Practice Panther, and Clio.