From Solo to Small Firm: Hiring Employees

By Melanie C. Hagan posted 10-02-2017 09:46


If you are a solo practitioner with a growing practice, it may be time to consider hiring an employee. If that process seems overwhelming, help is out there! Here are a few considerations to get you started.

  • Do you need to hire a paralegal or an assistant, or another attorney? If you’ve been overwhelmed by administrative tasks or neglecting marketing, consider hiring an assistant. If you’ve been turning away work, perhaps an additional attorney is the key. Hire a contract attorney if the notion of bringing on a full-time attorney is too scary.
  • Can you afford to hire staff? Check out this recent list of average salaries for small firm employees. Figure out what your needs are, how much training you want to provide, and what you can pay for.
  • Have you determined your training process? If at all possible, have an onboarding plan in place before bringing on a new employee. Be sure to go over all the logistical details about working at your firm, even before a new employee starts.
  • Can your new employee(s) run the business even when you’re not there? Your new employee(s) should know how to run the business. Have you put systems in place to reduce the risk of problems arising when your staff run the office in your absence?
Looking for more guidance? Be sure to check out the Top Tips in Ten Minutes, Hiring a New Employee.