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    What Did You Just Say?

    Posted in: ICLE Staff

    I recently met a lawyer in her fourth month of practice who shared that she was focusing on learning the different communication styles and... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    For those interested in criminal justice reform, Criminal Law 2.0 by Hon. Alex Kozinski, a judge on the Ninth Circuit, has provoked many... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    Family law practitioners help clients through some of the most emotionally distressing times in their lives. When accepting the Blaine Johnson... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    In Love v Johnson, six transgender people have sued the Secretary of State in federal court, claiming that a state policy makes it... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    The second edition of The Solicitor General’s Style Guide was released on October 3, 2015, and, for a time, became Amazon’s #1 new release... Read More

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Garnishments and Executions

When collecting a judgment or representing a garnishee defendant, attorneys need to both serve and respond to garnishments, executions, and seizure orders. Ensure your client gets the best result and stay in compliance with state and federal requirements.

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  • Posted in: Tech Blog

    Clients often ask me to review unsolicited offers they receive, usually by e-mail,... Read More

  • Posted in: Tech Blog

    Don't you just hate it when the title to a paragraph or section of your document... Read More

Community Blog

  • Posted in: ICLE Partner Open Forum

    The United States Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional laws - like Michigan's... Read More