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    As a parent, I’m responsible for teaching my son essential life skills, like how to brush his teeth and how to pronounce Saltalamacchia.... Read More

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    The repeal of Michigan’s helmet law was the topic of my first ICLE Staff Blog post in 2012. The post described the throngs... Read More

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    Trial by Media

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    Netflix’s true crime docuseries Making a Murderer took the world on a rocky ride late last year. If you missed it, the series followed... Read More

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    The anger, the anxiety, the fear, and the outrage expressed daily regarding Trump versus Clinton can be, as Jane Austen would say, lowering to... Read More

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    ​ ​ If you’re like me, chances are your ears perk up when you hear the exclusionary rule discussed in the news. Even if you don’t practice... Read More

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    I’m a longtime Android user and I find myself more and more speaking commands... Read More

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    Multiple clients have asked us this question. There are pros and cons to having... Read More

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    If charged with a felony DUI in Michigan, your case will begin at the district... Read More