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    Imagine the following residential property transaction. A buyer purchases a property after reviewing a Seller Disclosure Statement (SDS).... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    Do you ever wish you were practicing in front of your favorite fictional judge? I just watched A Few Good Men for the zillionth time, and... Read More

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    Open Carry in Schools

    Posted in: ICLE Staff

    The other week Joshua Wade showed up at an Ann Arbor high school choir concert openly carrying a gun . The police were called and, on confirming... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    It is no secret that access to legal representation and the courts has become limited. Even with the existence of nonprofit legal service... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    Effective July 1, 2015, the DNA Identification Profiling System Act, as amended by 2014 PA 457 , greatly expands the collection of DNA... Read More

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Military Divorce and Support Issues

LTC John Wojcik explains how the Survivor Benefit Plan annuity provides for civilians who survive a servicemember ex-spouse.

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    With prices ranging from $350 to a whopping $17,000 , an Apple Watch warrants... Read More

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    As I enter the training area set up at this small law firm, the trepidation in... Read More

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  • Posted in: ICLE Partner Open Forum

    Can a beneficiary attack the trust’s validity while serving as successor trustee?... Read More

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