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    We’ve written before about a package of bills concerning medical marijuana (2016 PA  281 ,  282 ,  283 ) that went into effect on December ... Read More

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    When you think of women’s rights issues, equal pay, fair parental leave, and freedom from sexual discrimination and harassment probably come ... Read More

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    Should I Go to Law School?

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    My family has its roots in Michigan family farms. So far, I’m the only lawyer who grew up on one of my family’s farms. A few months ago, however, ... Read More

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    Last year, Covenant motions in no-fault health care provider cases were all the rage . After the court of appeals decision in Covenant ... Read More

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    It might surprise you to know that focusing on a specific area of law, rather than being a generalist, may be the smarter, more profitable way ... Read More

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Introducing New Online Training

Everyone is buzzing about our two new online skills-training programs: Essential Deposition Skills and Elder Law Certificate Program. "They are the perfect complement to your existing Partnership subscription," ICLE Executive Director David R. Watson says.

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    In the future, “smart” contracts will execute automatically, IP rights become irrefutable, ... Read More

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    Warranties, Security, Bundled Office Suite, Miscellany In the first part ... Read More

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    Can a settlor’s incapacity cause a revocable trust to become irrevocable? Question: ... Read More