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    Medical marijuana patients, providers, and lawyers will have a lot to celebrate this December. On December 20, a package of bills (2016 PA... Read More

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    It’s one thing for robots to take over household chores . But it’s an entirely different thing for robots to take over the business... Read More

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    I own and manage a couple rental houses in a certain municipality we all know and love at Nine Mile and Woodward. It continues to be my favorite... Read More

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    Do you have a favorite tip to share? Is it one that you learned from a prior mentor or one that you gleaned after a major victory or grueling... Read More

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    As a parent, I’m responsible for teaching my son essential life skills, like how to brush his teeth and how to pronounce Saltalamacchia.... Read More

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Early Resolution of Employment Law Cases

Settle your employment law cases early with strategies like using early limited discovery and properly counseling your client for the process. Create a winning strategy for facilitation, and negotiate a settlement that accomplishes your client's goals.

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    I always come away from the Solo & Small Firm Institute with book and software... Read More

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    I’m a longtime Android user and I find myself more and more speaking commands... Read More

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    If charged with a felony DUI in Michigan, your case will begin at the district... Read More