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    Evidence from social media and GPS has become important in litigation as these technologies have become more popular. Fitbit, wearable technology... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    In April, an Iowa jury acquitted a 78-year-old former state legislator of sexual abuse for having sexual contact with his wife, who had... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    Mark Harder has very quietly provided excellent commentary to Michigan’s Uniform Principal and Income Act. As with the commentary to the Michigan... Read More

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  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    A bipartisan group of senators has proposed Senate Bill 291 , which would create the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act. The proposed... Read More

  • Posted in: ICLE Staff

    By now you have probably heard a lot of stories about people’s foolish uses of social media getting them into legal hot water—or maybe you’ve... Read More

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    Let me get this out of the way right off the bat. You most likely do not need... Read More

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    For those mobile lawyers who need a full Windows OS machine as their travel companion... Read More

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  • Posted in: ICLE Partner Open Forum

    Those of you as old as I am have lived through one revolution: the communications... Read More

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