Law Podcasts: For Business and Pleasure

By Jeanne E. Murphy posted 08-29-2018 10:48

Podcasts are popular for a reason. They enable you to listen to content you want to listen to, when you want to listen to it, and usually for free. And you can listen while doing something else. Commuting, lawn work, daily dog walks, and grocery shopping are rendered inoffensive, even enjoyable, when you have your headphones on, locked into your favorite topic. The following law and law-related podcasts will help with professional development, keep you current on legal and political issues, or entertain you.

Bloomberg Law – Prominent attorneys analyze major legal issues and cases in the news. It covers all aspects of the legal profession. Recent episodes include “Courts Check Trump Deregulatory Agenda,” “Oregon Horse Takes Abusive Former Owners to Court,” and “Musk Faces Regulatory Scrutiny in Tesla Private Story.”

The Legal Geeks – This podcast covers the legal issues in sci-fi and fantasy TV shows and movies. A recent post is “Probate Law After Avengers Infinity War.” Enough said.

Life of the Law – The podcast comes from a team of investigative journalists, audio producers, editors, and scholars, focusing on “all things law and live storytelling.” The podcast explores law and American culture and society. Some recent episodes involve a discussion of the movie Moonlight with prisoners in San Quentin, an exploration of how genetic information is being used and how it could alter the human race, and law students taking on immigration.

Lawyer to Lawyer – One of the longest-running podcasts on the web, Lawyer to Lawyer covers current events and recent rulings from a legal perspective. Recent episodes include “The Cohen Tapes,” “The Infamous Skyjacker D.B. Cooper,” and “The Golden State Killer, Genealogical Sites & Privacy.”

New Solo – A podcast for lawyers who are going or have gone solo, it includes interviews with solo attorneys, a multitude of episodes on technology, and advice on setting fees, sharing office space, and marketing.

Sword and Scale – This true crime podcast covers a wide range of bizarre events and follows them through the justice system.

The Un-Billable Hour – This podcast brings in business and technology experts to explain such topics as blockchain, bookkeeping, litigation financing, and process management.