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    Aside from prison time, the Sex Offenders Registration Act ( SORA ) is one of the most significant consequences that can result from a criminal ... Read More

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    If you enjoy long walks along the shores of the Great Lakes, you may have been following Gunderson v Indiana . The U.S. Supreme Court recently ... Read More

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    A New Trust Direction

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    ​ Effective March 29, 2019, “trust directors” will replace “trust protectors” under EPIC, thanks to legislation drafted by James Spica. 2018 ... Read More

Approaching the Bench

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    ​ Judge Julia B. Owdziej was appointed to the Washtenaw County Probate Court in 2014. She currently serves as Presiding Judge of the Juvenile ... Read More

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    Judge Karen Quinlan Valvo was appointed to the 15th Judicial District Court in January 2016. She presides over criminal and traffic cases ... Read More

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Powerful New Search Engine Is Here!

ICLE now offers you a brand new search engine leveraging the latest technology. New search filters give you more control over your search results. Enter a search term, quickly see the number of results across a variety of categories. It’s powerful and intuitive, with your needs in mind.

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             Unless you’ve spent the last month living under a rock, you’ve almost certainly ... Read More

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    The Michigan Court of Appeals has issued an opinion regarding the appropriateness ... Read More