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Revocation of Paternity Act Renamed to Revocation of Parentage Act

By Lindsey A. DiCesare posted 06-13-2024 08:34


2024 PA 29 renamed the Revocation of Paternity Act to the Revocation of Parentage Act. MCL 722.1431. 2024 PA 29 also made amendments to language changing “father” to “parent” and “paternity” to “parentage” in MCL 722.1433, .1435, .1437, .1439, .1441, and .1445. MCL 722.1433 will also add a definition for donor, as defined in MCL 722.1703 of the Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy Parentage Act, MCL 722.1701 et seq.

In addition to updated language, amended MCL 722.1443

  • requires the court to consider the length of time a presumed parent was on notice that an individual might not be the child’s genetic father and the facts surrounding the presumed parent’s discovery that the individual might not be the genetic father when challenging parentage based on genetic testing;
  • prohibits genetic testing from being used to challenge the parentage of a parent under the Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy Parentage Act or to use the genetic testing to establish parentage of an individual who is a donor; and
  • prohibits the Revocation of Parentage Act from being used to determine the parentage of a child conceived through assisted reproductive or surrogacy under the Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy Act.

The amendments will take effect sine die (the 2025 sine die date is still to be determined).