COVID-19 Q & A with Vanessa Crocetto from Butzel Long

By Maximillian (Max) H. Matthies posted 04-02-2020 06:51

Vanessa Crocetto is the Chief Marketing Officer at Butzel Long. She recently answered some pressing questions on how her firm is responding to COVID-19.

1. How is Butzel responding to the pandemic?

We have set up a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center on our website for our clients and communities. Our attorneys are becoming experts in this area fast, and frankly, I’m very impressed with their ability to get good, meaningful information disseminated quickly.  Butzel is also responding to the pandemic by implementing remote working continuity planning. We were able to get almost all of our staff and attorneys seamlessly rolled over to a work-from-home format in less than two business days. We have let our clients know that this is happening, and we have developed the Resource Center for anyone who wants additional information. We are also acting in the interests of our clients’ membership organizations and those we have relationships with to provide complimentary webinars and content to their publications and members. To be honest, I do not remember a time at Butzel when we have had this amount of content generation and interaction with the client base.

2.  Have your clients raised any issues?

I think everyone realizes that we must act prudently in this situation and that the best way to get back to the most comfortable way of life is to adapt to this new way of life. I really see a lot of silver linings in pushing people to be more comfortable with technology, distance learning, and alternative practices for efficiency.

3.  Are you anticipating any issues for your clients?

Of course there are economical concerns for our clients, and for all businesses. We are all uncertain of what the future holds, and it’s disconcerting for everyone. We’re doing our best to help mitigate that risk for our clients.

4.  Has the firm sent out an official response to clients?

We have sent out word to our clients and that can be found on the Resource Center page as well.