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We Urgently Need Revised Remote Notary Legislation or Other Action

​ Like so many of you, I spend every day wondering what will happen next, and how my clients should best be served in this crazy time. However, in looking toward a prospective future where we cannot have clients in-office at all - or shouldn't (this arguably is already the case) - estate...

Blog Entry
Protocols for Estate Planners During COVID-19

​Note that this blog was written before the issuance of Executive Order 2020-41 which allows for remote witnessing and notarization. Because of the challenging weeks ahead, I wanted to share a sample protocol that my firm is using. We think it will help to protect yourself, your family...

Blog Entry
COVID-19: your law practice, client interactions, and advocating for your client

In our lifetimes, no illness has shut down schools or impeded commerce and our everyday lives as much as COVID-19. We are still in its early stages, and I am hopeful that things can begin returning to our established normal in the coming few weeks. As I write this blog, I sit opposite my third...