Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

By Maximillian (Max) H. Matthies posted 01-22-2018 13:55


Welcome, 2018! My absolute favorite holiday is New Year’s Day. There is just something inspirational about starting a new year with endless opportunities. For a number of years now, I’ve spent the month of December looking back at the year, inventorying my accomplishments and taking note of those areas in my life in which, at least in my mind, I have missed the mark. That inventory informs next year’s goals and themes for my relationships with family, spirituality, community, and vocation. I try to stay away from calling these “New Year’s resolutions” to keep them firmly grounded in lifestyle improvements.

2017 was a big year in a lot of unexpected ways. I began the year with a number of specific skill development, client service, and daily revenue goals for my private practice. I was well on my way when I was given this amazing opportunity to work at ICLE instead. After accomplishing my 2016 goal of remodeling our house, I was primed in 2017 to landscape the yard and put a playroom in the basement. Then in the summer, my partner and I saw and purchased our dream home, and we moved.

But I was able to complete the following goals during 2017: reading at least one book per week, calling my folks in California at least twice a week, purging unfinished (and not started) projects, writing blog posts, and getting my bike fixed and actually riding it. This goal setting and inventory let me know I am going in the right direction. One of my mentors told me it is no good climbing the ladder of success if it is leaning against the wrong wall. What do you want to accomplish by December 2018?