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    Continuing the trend of loosening the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” restrictions, Governor Whitmer issued Mich Exec Order No 2020-115 on June 5, ... Read More

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    Mich Exec Order No 2020-108 rescinds Mich Exec Order No 2020-72 and extends the restrictions on entry to health care facilities, residential ... Read More

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    ​ Michigan Supreme Court Orders The  Michigan Supreme Court  has issued 16 administrative orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ... Read More

Approaching the Bench

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    ​ Hon. Kathleen M. McCarthy is presiding judge of the court's Family Domestic Division. She has served on the Wayne County Family Court ... Read More

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    Judge Zainab Baydoun is a Senior Administrative Law Judge for the State of Michigan, presiding over complex, multifaceted administrative ... Read More

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New Online Certificate

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Get expert coaching on best practices as they guide a new landlord and tenant through the commercial leasing process. Follow along as they counsel their clients; draft, redline, and negotiate the lease; and resolve disputes. As an ICLE Partner, you always save $100 on this new online training.

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    On May 14, 2020, Governor Whitmer Issued Mich Exec Order No 2020-85 , which extended ... Read More

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    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent executive orders from Governor Gretchen ... Read More