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    In the 1980s, refugees from Central America fled to the United States to escape military oppression and civil wars. A sanctuary movement arose ... Read More

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    Star Trek: The Original Series debuted more than 51 years ago—on September 8, 1966. Produced by Lucille Ball’s company Desilu, the show ... Read More

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    Forfeiture, by its very definition, is a consequence of certain immoral or illegal behavior. Setting aside a real estate forfeiture, which is ... Read More

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    ​ I’m covering medical marijuana a lot these days, which is fascinating since I have no personal experience with this drug. This 14-year-old ... Read More

Approaching the Bench

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    Judge Patricia P. Fresard has served as a judge for the Wayne County Circuit Court since 1999. Judge Fresard has served as felony trial court ... Read More

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    The Honorable Karen D. McDonald was elected to the Oakland County Circuit Court Family Division in November 2012 after working in private practice ... Read More

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Everyone is buzzing about our two new online skills-training programs: Essential Deposition Skills and Elder Law Certificate Program. "They are the perfect complement to your existing Partnership subscription," ICLE Executive Director David R. Watson says.

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    In the future, “smart” contracts will execute automatically, IP rights become irrefutable, ... Read More

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    Warranties, Security, Bundled Office Suite, Miscellany In the first part ... Read More

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    Can a settlor’s incapacity cause a revocable trust to become irrevocable? Question: ... Read More