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    ​ Everyone uses online reviews to make decisions about everything—from choosing a restaurant to picking out a new appliance. The same is true ... Read More

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    In 2016, the Michigan Legislature enacted the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act (WICA), 2016 PA 343 , allowing individuals convicted and ... Read More

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    How Are You Keeping Up?

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    I have three children, ages 8, 5, and 11 months. I am regularly dazed by the amount of information they have access to, literally in the palms ... Read More

Approaching the Bench

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    Charlene M. Elder has served as a judge for the Wayne County Third Circuit Court since 2005. She currently sits in the Family Division ... Read More

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    Hon. Lita Masini Popke has been a judge in Wayne County Circuit Court since 2000, with a combined docket of general civil and business ... Read More

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Newly Added Online Certificate

Hear from a few of the top Michigan business lawyers who helped develop Closely Held Business Entity Formation.

See how successful Michigan practitioners structure a company and guide clients through difficult decisions. "You won’t find a product like this anywhere else," ICLE Executive Director David R. Watson says.

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             Unless you’ve spent the last month living under a rock, you’ve almost certainly ... Read More