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  • Scott Bassett

    Controlling Your Computer Remotely from Your iPad

    Tech Blog

    Lawyers love their iPads. Soon after the first iPad was introduced in 2010,... Read More

  • Melanie C. Hagan

    Tried-and-True Software and Apps

    Tech Blog

    At the 2014 Solo & Small Firm Institute, our presenters mentioned several... Read More


  • Stephanie L. Stenberg

    Getting Your First Job After Law School

    ICLE Staff

    If you’ve posted a position at your firm recently, chances are you’ve been inundated with hundreds of resumes. If you're a... Read More

  • Rachael M. Taylor

    Attorneys Are Human Too

    ICLE Staff

    It’s no secret that attorneys particularly struggle with work-life balance. The lack thereof is a frequently cited grievance... Read More

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  • photo not available

    New Year Brings New Uncapping Rules

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    As addressed in a prior post, the laws about uncapping real estate taxes have... Read More

  • photo not available

    Michigan Supreme Court Adopts New Citation Manual

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    The Michigan Supreme Court abolished the Michigan Uniform System of Citation... Read More

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Newly Revised Michigan Model Criminal Jury Instructions with ICLE Commentary

Includes model instructions required to be used in criminal trials effective March 1, 2014, as well as use notes, histories, and detailed ICLE Commentary. Use the instructions and the ICLE Commentary at every stage of a criminal case.