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  • William A. McNeil

    Get Your Clients to Pay You Online

    Tech Blog

    I fondly recall the days when a client would sit across the desk from me and... Read More

  • Brendan B. Chard

    Everything You Need to Know About SEO: Becoming the “Go-To” Business (Part 3)

    Tech Blog

    In part 1 of this series, I offered some insight for figuring out if you actually... Read More


  • Courtney D. Thompson

    Tackling the Telephone

    ICLE Staff

    Common among the challenges ICLE Partners have recently identified in customer interviews is the “it’s just me” hurdle—or... Read More

  • Cindy M. Huss

    No More Old MacDonald in Urban Michigan

    ICLE Staff

    Cows no longer roam the pasture that is surrounded by houses and businesses north of Ford Road and west of Lilley Road in... Read More

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  • photo not available

    IRS Criminal Investigator Division Impersonator

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    My client got a call. Message: Call Criminal Investigation at 202-609-7049... Read More

  • photo not available

    The Evolution of a Section

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    What a difference fifteen years has made. I remember when the elder law section... Read More


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