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  • Jeffrey E. Kirkey

    Versatile Google Chromecast Is for Work and Play

    Tech Blog

    The Google Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into... Read More

  • Brendan B. Chard

    Everything You Need to Know About SEO: Advertising (Part 4)

    Tech Blog

    Part 1 of this series offered some insight for figuring out whether you need... Read More


  • Jeanne E. Murphy

    Grammar, the Final Frontier

    ICLE Staff

    The Probate Section of the State Bar of Michigan has EPIC Q & A, a collection of questions on EPIC answered by a panel... Read More

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  • Daniel D. Kopka

    Reward Offers in the 21st Century

    ICLE Staff

    One of the first cases we covered in my first-year contracts class involved an offer of a reward. As we discussed the concepts... Read More


  • photo not available

    Latest EPIC Q & A

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    The Probate Section has a resource called the EPIC Q & A. Attorneys... Read More

  • photo not available

    Changes to Circular 230 - the Federal Treasury Point of View

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    Changes to Circular 230 resulted in a lengthy IRS webinar at http://www.irsvideos.gov/Circular230Overview_June_25_2014/player/frame-flv.htm... Read More


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