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  • Steven J. Best

    Less Paper = More Productivity

    Tech Blog

    As I enter the training area set up at this small law firm, the trepidation in... Read More

  • Scott Bassett

    Use Google Docs to Turn Your Android Phone into a Speech-to-Text Device

    Tech Blog

    Savvy smartphone users know that the fastest way to respond to an e-mail or... Read More


  • Daniel D. Kopka

    DNA Samples to Be Collected for All Felony Arrests

    ICLE Staff

    Effective July 1, 2015, the DNA Identification Profiling System Act, as amended by 2014 PA 457 , greatly expands the... Read More

  • Rebekah Page-Gourley

    Unpublished Opinions, Under Fire

    ICLE Staff

    Recent proposed amendments regarding publication of Court of Appeals opinions and citation of unpublished opinions have... Read More


  • photo not available

    The Search for The Lady Bird Deed.

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    A number of years ago a friend, who had moved to Florida, and I were discussing... Read More

  • photo not available

    Employers Obtain Relief From Oppressive and Risky Michigan Wage Garnishments**

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    A wage garnishment is a court order that assists plaintiffs with the collection... Read More


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Newly Revised Michigan Model Criminal Jury Instructions with ICLE Commentary

Includes model instructions required to be used in criminal trials effective March 1, 2014, as well as use notes, histories, and detailed ICLE Commentary. Use the instructions and the ICLE Commentary at every stage of a criminal case.