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  • Jeffrey E. Kirkey

    Heartbleed: What Lawyers and Law Firms Need to Know

    Tech Blog

    The “Heartbleed” computer exploit has been in the news since late last week,... Read More

  • Scott Bassett

    How Microsoft and GoDaddy’s Partnership Can Help Your Small Law Firm

    Tech Blog

    Last fall, Microsoft and discount domain registrar and Web hosting company GoDaddy... Read More

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  • Jeanne E. Murphy

    Be Real, People (or Be Real People)

    ICLE Staff

    I was reading this article about Generation Y (those born between the late 1970s and the mid-1990s), which suggests... Read More

  • Stephanie L. Stenberg

    Who’s Your Favorite TV Lawyer?

    ICLE Staff

    Many TV shows have a good lawyer character. Do you have a favorite? I’ve shared two of my favorite TV lawyers below. ... Read More


  • photo not available

    The Evolution of a Section

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    What a difference fifteen years has made. I remember when the elder law section... Read More

  • photo not available

    Medicaid Litigation

    ICLE Partner Open Forum

    Medicaid planning has always been a volatile practice areas – the rules change... Read More


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